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Are we open on school breaks?


HVABA offers programming during breaks and days off on the school calendar. These are special programs to accommodate the day off from school. We are open on these days from 9:30-3:30. These days will be listed on the Home page and you must sign up for them if your child doesn't typically attend during these hours. These are not stand alone programs. You must be a current client receiving treatment!

Summer Program

      Our summer program is part of our comprehensive treatment. It is not a stand alone service. You must have a year round program in place to receive this service. This service is provided in a group setting, but instruction is individualized for each student. 

      Sessions focus on appropriate social language development, learner cooperation, academic skills (individualized to student's needs) and  core social skills and interaction. Instruction is delivered using a behavior analytic approach and data is recorded and measured to ensure progress in all areas.

        Behavioral needs are addressed using a systematic approach which examines the function of the behaviors and seeks to replace negative behaviors with appropriate behaviors that meet the same function. Opportunities to practice appropriate behaviors are repeatedly presented to students in order to facilitate faster acquisition of new behaviors and skills.

         Parents are instructed any particular strategies that are effective to meet their child's unique behavioral needs to provide carry-over in the home setting.


School Children







Special Events

HVBS holds special events once monthly on Saturdays for 3 hours. There is a $50 registration fee for special events. Watch for announcements on the Home page! Registration is required so please let us know if your child is coming!



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