Social Skills Classes

Our Social Skills classes focus on core skills that are used in a variety of social situations.  We use the AIM (Accept. Identify. Move) curriculum developed by Dr. Mark Dixon & Dana Paliliunas to drive our class content. This is A Behavior Analytic Curriculum for Social-Emotional Development in Children. Our classes develop mindful practice, therapeutic reconditioning, use a functional approach to behavior and encourage willingness, acceptance and self-awareness. We strive to help children experiencing social discomfort while addressing challenging behaviors. The classes use everyday struggles with life that we all can relate to as the platform for social reflection, interpretation, exploration and navigation.


Social skills classes are offered Monday through Thursday (some groups may be available on Friday). We do not offer these classes as stand alone classes. They are part of a comprehensive program. These classes are requested through your child's treatment plan. Authorization required and co-pays may apply.